Why component and material characterization are crucial

With IC component designs growing ever more complicated well characterized components and materials are the foundation of successful electronic system design closures. Detailed knowledge of the behavior of individual passive and active components, printed circuit boards or of materials used to fabricate components are critical parameters for developing new electronic devices or systems.

Accurate and reliable characterization of your components and materials are key to reduce the number of design revisions and to improve the quality of final simulation in the design phase. Both result in improved product yields and shorter time to market windows.

How Computer Controls can help you gain deeper confidence

To discover the performance you need, Computer Controls support you with finding the right material test and measurement equipment. We offer a broad range of solutions to meet the most demanding needs in advanced material research. Our solutions include test methods and recommendations, instruments, fixtures, and software to help you efficiently and effectively characterize electrical and electromagnetic (EM) properties of your material under test. Explore our broad portfolio of network analyzers and impedance meters supported by our material measurement solution.

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Component Characterization

Accurate characterization of device parameters is important when designing new electronic systems and circuits. The parameters serve as simulation inputs, make your choice of the right passives easy, or help you to optimize the power transfer in matching networks.
This requires reliable and precise test equipment with versatile capabilities to extract the relevant parameters. Whether you are testing passive devices like L, C, R, antenna, transmission lines or active components such as transistors, amplifiers, and modulators the right mix of speed and performance gives you an edge.

  • Network Analysis

In research and development (R&D), vector network analyzers (VNAs) provide a level of measurement integrity that helps you transform deeper understanding into better designs. On the production line, cost-effective VNAs provide the throughput and repeatability you need to transform parts into competitive components. Every VNA is the ultimate expression of our expertise in linear and nonlinear device characterization – on the bench, in a rack or in the field.

  • Impedance Analysis

Impedance analyzers provide unparalleled accuracy for parameters, such as equivalent circuit in frequency domain (MHz and lower GHz) for passive devices like L, C, R. Leverage impedance measurement expertise to your lab and achieve real characteristics of high-quality components. Select what is best for you and achieve both your engineering and business goals.

  • Parametric Testing

For parameter analysis and DC characteristics of semiconductor devices our precision current-voltage analyzers and curve tracers offer a wide range of electrical characterization instruments such as transistors, diodes, LEDs to meet the needs of diverse users. They range from an economic model to the most advanced analyzers capable of supporting cutting-edge applications.


Material Analysis

Accurate characterization of material properties provides researchers with critical information to help them creating next-generation technologies and products. The invention of materials like semiconductors, metals, polymers, ceramics, and compound semiconductors has accelerated innovation over the last decades by advanced material research. It does not only address research but also material development. When engineering materials especially used for shielding or insulation, detailed knowledge of the materials’ dielectric properties is essential to optimize them for intended purposes.