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ARM is a leading provider of microprocessor technology in the industry, offering the widest range of cores to meet performance, power, and cost requirements across almost all application markets. Arm's products include C/C++ compilers, debuggers, development and simulation environments, RTOS, and libraries for all ARM processors, including Cortex-A and Cortex-M. ARM also offers USB debugging adapters that allow for connecting an application board to a computer, as well as flashing code to Flash memory and running software in real-world conditions.

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Arm software is offered in the form of licenses delivered electronically.

Node Locked- Workstation
The license allows the use of Arm software only by one user. No network connection required.

Flex LM, Floating - Network
The license allows developers to use the software on multiple computers. A network (local) connection to the server is required. The license(s) for individual workstations are separated (from the pool of purchased workstations) by a separate program. The workstation downloads them when building and debugging the project. Upon completion, the license is returned to the server, making it available to users again.

Licenses are available in perpetual or temporary form for a period of three, twelve or thirty-six months.

Subcription Arm

Arm Keil perpetual licenses include a 12-month subscription in the price. Purchase of a continuation is possible on each anniversary - before the expiration date of the current subscription.

An active subscription allows you to:

  • Downloading new versions, updates, patches and additional libraries and components, 
  • Technical support from the distributor Computer Controls and the manufacturer Arm Keil, 
  • Opportunity to receive discounts on additional products/services offered by Computer Controls.

Having a subscription allows you to easily download subsequent versions, and thus use the latest functionality of the environment. However, if it is interrupted, it is not possible to continue it and perform upgrades to the latest version at any time.

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