Two friends, an irresistible shared passion for electronics linking them from adolescence, their dream of creating a company capable of planning and making innovative products: that's how SECO began, in a garage in an Italian province.

Initiative, creativity and determination were characteristics that Luciano Secciani and Daniele Conti – the company's two founders – shared as teenagers, and went on to play an important part in their entrepreneurial success story.

Since its beginnings the company has always chosen to make creativity and innovation its prime assets and the foundation on which to build its competitive strength. Over the years, this has made it possible to build up a highly specialized expertise, to such an extent that the company has become one of the world's leading reference companies in the embedded electronics segment.

MDK v5.26 - Bezpłatna edycja dla urządzeń Nuvoton Arm Cortex-M0 / M23
GW Instek - nowa seria testerów baterii GBM-3000
GW Instek - zasilacze serii PFR-100