ICD PDN Planner

The ICD Power Distribution Network (PDN) Planner builds on the familiar ease of use of the popular ICD Stackup Planner software that has been used by over twelve thousand PCB Designers and Engineers world wide since 1996.

The ICD PDN Planner has the ability to analyze an unlimited number of power supply configurations simultaneously. A typical high speed multilayer PCB has five or six individual power supplies that all serve a different purpose and must be regulated to maintain power integrity during high current switching up to the maximum frequency.

The user may add and delete an unlimited number of decoupling and bulk bypass capacitors and instantly analyze the Voltage Regulator Module, PCB Substrate and the decoupling and bulk bypass capacitors simultaneously - to solve parameters for the desired effective impedance of the Power Distribution Network. Also the ICD PDN Planner supports multiple Power Supplies on the one substrate.

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