Altium Modeler dla SolidWorks

This product provides a bi-directional interface between Altium Designer and SolidWorks. You can create a realistic 3D model of your PCB in SolidWorks using native SolidWorks parts. In addition, you can move Parts or edit the shape of the PCB in SolidWorks and have those changes reflected in PCB editor. This enables you to check for assembly problems such as mis-alignment of mounting holes or mechanical interference and correct them. This product enables you to detect design errors very early in the design process when it is very easy to correct them.

You can also start your PCB design in SolidWorks by defining the board shape, mounting hole locations and connector locations using the PCB Tools add-in then choose the New PCB from SolidWorks command in Altium Designer to automatically create the Altium PCB.

Key Features:

  • Simple intuitive user interface
  • Creates a SolidWorks assembly from a PCB
  • Work with native SolidWorks parts instead of huge STEP files
  • Fully integrated into the Altium application including a Panel and Toolbars
  • Converts Altium Bodies and Embedded Step Models to SolidWorks parts
  • Get board outline, mounting hole, routing keepouts, Height Rules  and component location data from SolidWorks into your PCB
  • Options to model pads, traces, polygons, internal planes and silk screens
  • Models multi-layer PCB’s with each layer pair created as a separate Part
  • Unique Update feature that allows you to maintain relationships between the PCB features and the product assembly when changes are made in the PCB editor
  • Bi-directional operation – make changes in the SolidWorks assembly and “Synchronize” them in the PCB editor and vice versa
  • Available for Altium Designer 14

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