Altium Designer

Altium Designer is an unified electronics design environment, which compines all the design tools in one software application. It includes schematic capture, PCB layout and routing tools, signal integrity analysis, embedded software tools dedicated for FPGA applications, ECAD/MCAD integration tools, library and design data management, output data generation - CAM files.

Altium Designer is available in four license options.
Altium Designer supports three type of license.

Altium Designer continues its focus on delivering new, easy-to-use and performance-enhancing PCB design tools as part of one single price solution with the introduction of the latest version, Altium Designer 18.

Key Altium Designer Capabilities

Develop next-generation electronics in one end-to-end design environment with high-performance, easy-to-use solutions that significantly increase design productivity.

Schematic Capture
Design electronics faster with hierarchical schematic and design reuse in one cohesive user interface.

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Component Management
Create and search for components with the most up-to-date pricing and availability from certified suppliers.

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Design Verification
Verify your design with built-in mixed analog / digital circuit simulation. Analyze pre- and post-layout signal and DC power delivery.

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Board Layout
Easily maneuver objects on the board layout with controlled component placement and create layer stack templates for reuse.

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Rigid-Flex and Multi-Board
Define and modify rigid-flex layer stacks using electrical checking and synchronization of multi-board connections.

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Interactive Routing
Expertly route complex topologies with user-guided, constraint-driven routing automation.

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MCAD Collaboration
Simplify MCAD collaboration through integrated electrical and mechanical domains with NATIVE 3D PCB editing.

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Manufacturing Outputs
Generate fabrication and assembly outputs faster with multi-process executions and seamless, streamlined documentation.

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Data Management
Compare documentation changes and revisions using Work-In-Progress data management views and version control.

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Unified Platform
Significantly improve design productivity in one cohesive, unified environment for schematic, PCB, documentation, and simulation.

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Introducing Altium Designer 18

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