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ULINKplus - special introduction offerarm keil ulinkplus promotion

The new ULINKplus debug and trace adapter enables software optimization for ultra-low power applications, test automation, and isolation for high-speed debug and trace of sensitive hardware systems.

Starting December 1st 2017, all new licenses of MDK-Professional and MDK-Plus include a ULINKplus free of charge.

Please use the form below to place your request or call +48 33 499 98 70:

About ULINKplus

ULINKplus connects via JTAG or serial-wire debug (SWD) to the CoreSight debug and trace logic of any Arm Cortex device. It enables power measurement for ultra-low power applications and test automation for continuous integration tests. It offers integrated isolation for testing applications such as motor control, power converters, or systems with sensitive analog processing.

The following videos provide further details:


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