TDC-GPX2 4-Channel Time-to-Digital Converter

ams company release new device marked as TDC-GPX2, which is the time-to-digital converter. Highest measurement performance and highest data throughput is achieved with LVDS stop inputs and LVDS serial outputs for each channel. High configuration flexibility and unlimited measurement range cover many applications. GPX2 calculates all stop measurements inside, proportional to the applied reference clock. Combinations of best single shot accuracy of 10ps with lowest pulse-to-pulse spacing

Figure nr 1. Functional block of TDC-GPX2

TDC Block diagram

Key features:

• 4 stop channels with serial

   - 20ns pulse-to-pulse spacing
   - Maximum 35MSPS

• 2 combined channels with

   - 5ns pulse-to-pulse spacing

  - Maximum 70MSPS

• Single shot accuracy

   - 20ps rms single shot resolution per channel

   - 10ps rms with high resolution option

• Unlimited measuring range 0s to 16s

• Differential reference clock input 2MHz to 12.5MHz, optional with quartz

• Inputs optional with LVDS or CMOS level

• 16-stage FIFO per channel

• Automatic calibration to reference clock

• Supply voltage 3.3V

• Standby current 60μA

• QFN64 package (9mm x 9mm)

Main applications:

• Laser Range Measurement

• Medical Imaging

• Time-of-Flight Measurement

• Lidar, Radar, Sonar


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