Keysight Handheld Multimeters

Your perfect travel partner

You can benefit from the Keysight Handheld DMMs' specs not only when you are travelling but also in dusty industrial environment. 

Moreover, you can add Bluetooth connectivity to any Keysight handheld DMMs. Just attach the U1117A Bluetooth adapter to the IR port of your Keysight handheld meter and download the free Keysight Mobile Meter and Keysight Mobile Logger applications to your iOS or Android smart device. You’ll get to view measurements on your iOS or Android smart device wirelessly and remotely via Bluetooth technology. It's that easy!
What a day in your travel diary looks like, if you used a Keysight Handheld:

The Keysight DMMs

U1241C & U1242C DMMs U1281A & U1282A DMMs

New Keysight Handheld Multimeters

  • 0.09% basic DC voltage accuracy
  • 60,000 counts resolution on dual display
  • Longer battery life up to 400 hours
  • 0.025% basic DC voltage accuracy
  • CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V overvoltage protection
  • Longer battery life up to 800 hours
  • Certified to IP 67 for dust and water protection
  • Certified to IP 67 for dust and water protection
  • T1-T2 differential temperature measurement
  • Square wave output (PWM), Frequency counter

Please check out our dedicated Handheld Products from Keysight Technologies page for more information.


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